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Post by Damien King on Mon May 02, 2016 2:00 pm

damien k.

full name: Damien Ronald King

date of birth: 11/12/80

age: 35

hometown: Oradea, Romania

current town: London, England

why are they at evergreen? to teach dance

biography You were born in a terrain that was surrounded by a river. Although there weren't many landscapes for you to explore, there were many beautiful buildings all around you. You and your parents often attended church although you were often warned about those who may discriminate against you simply for the color of your skin. You didn't let that get to you and decided to try to befriend anyone you could with whatever innocence you had.

Your family cried tears of joy hearing the about the Berlin Wall being torn down. There was a new sense of hope after having to worry about being brought to extinction before even being able to grow old. Your family eventually departed Romania to reside over in England. You weren't enthusiastic about living in England the first few years you were there. The rain made you bored. Everything around you seemed boring.

As you glided through your teen years, you didn't hate England as much as you used to. You began to rebel. Your parents were disappointed. You went from a respectable kid with a bright future to someone who was constantly out of the house wearing punk clothing and often hanging out with whoever they thought was a bad influence. They tried to intervene many times only to eventually leave you alone allowing you to pass through the phase swiftly. You began to get into deep house and grunge with a soft spot for Britpop. You always tried to get tickets to the latest show. During this time, you began to get into dance. It allowed you to vent off your frustrations through art without hurting anyone.

It was that time in your life where you didn't know what to do. You had various part-time jobs attempting to make a living until you decided to might as well go to university. You switched your majors until you decided to give teaching  a try with a minor related to dancing. That was when everything clicked. Of course, things weren't exactly perfect, a skin disease that was passed down to you began to affect you. Your parents often accused you of bleaching your skin even though you couldn't really control what was happening to you. Eventually, you decided to get treatment to try to have it not look as odd and to keep it under control.

After you got your degree, it was difficult for you to find work. You applied everywhere you could to o success. You were about to give up on teaching until you got an offer for a job at an international school. You accepted deciding to not let the opportunity go away. To this day, you teach the best you can.

friends: Damien seems to think people more as acquaintances due to focusing on other things and the fact he'd much rather listen to some vinyl records than worry about plans being canceled.

enemies: He probably makes enemies easily, especially if they're troublesome students.

lovers: He probably would like to date, but he doesn't have the time for it. Well, at least he thinks he doesn't. He doesn't really show his feelings to others.
i've been waiting up all night
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Post by Dalnim Song on Mon May 02, 2016 2:05 pm

congratulations: your shipper app has been accepted. you may start plotting and roleplaying! don't forget to fill out the claims!
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