Russian and French what could be a better COMBINATION

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Russian and French what could be a better COMBINATION  Empty Russian and French what could be a better COMBINATION

Post by Emile Avilov on Mon May 02, 2016 2:42 pm

Emile A.

full name: Emile Avilov

date of birth: 07/21/00

age: 16

hometown: Moscow, Russia

current town: London

why are they at evergreen? Drama program

biography First sister, first friend, first family. To him Emile was his only family, sister, best friend. No one could make them do anything with out the other agreeing to it. They were always beside each other, for every cold, for every test, for every shot.

Second born, second cry, second flash of eyes. Emile Avilov is the youngest out of her family which is now only herself and her twin brother. She was the second born and she never lived that fact down. Second in all the races, second to eat, second to get a piece of cake. She always came second. Cept when it came to her brother.

Third daughter, third child, third blonde head. To her parents she was the third everything. She had one older sister and she hated Emile. Emile hated her. Her family hated Emile. She wasn't planned. They wanted one boy, one sweet little boy but they got Emile as well. They hated her.

Fourth hit, fourth tear shed, fourth night alone. Her parents hit her like no tomorrow to them she always did everything wrong. To them she couldn't be perfect. To them she was just an extra, unwanted, unneeded. They would take her away from her twin days at a time. Trying to get them to grow apart but once they allowed her twin to see her. They wouldn't let go of each other. They abused her phsycally by hitting her, him mentally by hurting his sister.

Fifth bang, fifth bomb, fifth wall fallen on them. When they were eleven a bomb hit their house. One Aaron grabbed Emile, not his elder sister, not his mother, not his father. Emile. He protected Emile. Two Emile screamed when the second shell hit, when it swallowed their parents hole, their sister crying out from Aaron to help her, yet again ignoring Emile. Three Aaron hid under the bed stuck their as Emile watched their older sister die in front of their eyes. Four She heard the sirens of the police and firemen trying to dig them out of the rubble. They heard the calls for them. She ignored them, awaiting her death. Five Emile felt the bed finally move, she felt her twin shift beside her, she heard the fast speaking english men who had come to their rescure. She heard the russian people explain what was going to happen to them. She ignored them.

Six new homes, six new family memebers, six new languages. Emile and Aaron were shifted from home to home, six to be exact, six different countries. Each odder then the last. The first one was a place in America she hated it. They treated Emile like a doll, Aaron like a solider. The next place was in greece, they treated Emile like a princess but Aaron like a servent. That was a big no. Spain, Emile liked the school, the people, the culture, but it didn't like Emile. China, She stood out like a sore thumb, blonde hair, bright eyes, pale skin. She didn't fit in. Finland, it was odd to say the least, the people, the places. Emile felt odd their and she didn't like it. Hati, it felt to dirty there like their old home once it had been bombed.

Seven words, seven pieces of clothes, seven new rooms to explore. France, this was home, she adored it here. Her french well not the best was quickly filling out the blanks. She adored it here. When she got their a little girl with brown hair and eyes that sparked spoke to her and her twin in perfect Russian. "This is your brand new home, welcome" Those seven words made Emile want to cry. She was given new clothes and her and her brother soon figured out that these people had many rooms to explore. A library, a kitchen, a basment, a game room, a swimming poor inside, main sitting area, and their new room. She loved France. She adored it. It was home.

friends: Emile doesn't have many friends, just her brother and Celia. Her best friends in the whole world. She doesn't really think anymore when trying to talk to people. She just ignores them and hopes they ether go away or ignore her. She would like to have friends but when you grew up like she did. Its a bit impossible.

enemies: Emile doesn't hate many people but when she hates you she is so clear on how much she hates you its scary. Her brother is the nice one, Emile is the mean one and Celia is the angel. Thats their little family. You wreck it you get the wrath of a Russian-French girl whos been in way to much pain.

lovers: You can try but you'll most likely fail. She isn't one to make friends so falling in love is even harder. But she is willing to try...if she feels the person is right.

Family is all you need
Emile Avilov
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Russian and French what could be a better COMBINATION  Empty Re: Russian and French what could be a better COMBINATION

Post by Dalnim Song on Mon May 02, 2016 2:51 pm

congratulations: your shipper app has been accepted. you may start plotting and roleplaying! don't forget to fill out the claims!
Dalnim Song
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