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Post by Andy Polinsky on Thu May 05, 2016 6:44 pm

andy p.

full name: Andy Harriston Polinsky

date of birth: 12/04/98

age: 17

hometown: Richmond, Virginia

current town: Richmond, Virginia; tends to mainly stay around England during most of breaks though except for winter

why are they at evergreen? art; scholarship

biography LONELY  
Days go by causing you to often wonder why you chose this life. well, you didn't necessarily choose it, it was just how things were in Richmond. Sure, you often enjoyed reading some books at a local coffee shop only to browse through a thrift store to find something of meaning. What else really is there to do despite it being a major city in Virginia? You could always go to Kings Dominion, especially around Halloween Haunt, but you never could never afford it even if it was just for a day. Your parents often wondered why you weren't like anybody at the school you went to before the scholarship. You often sat by yourself at lunch. You still do, but you're at least near people you can tolerate. Most of the time, you found most people your age to be immature and narcissistic often relishing in Kodak memories on social media. You could never understand them. They could never understand you.
You tend to keep to yourself. You don't mind talking to people and getting to know them. It was peculiar to you how many people often share everything that's going on in their life. Are they really they desperate for validation? You often questioned people's thought process, so you decided to not have yours really be questioned by often stayed mute about details of your life. Some things were just meant to be kept secret after all.
Though some find you cold, you genuinely do care. It pains you to see someone in pain even though most of the time you're unable to help. You are protective of those you are close to trying to make sure they're safe and healthy. Your parents don't know of that quality you possess as they just assume you're antisocial with no interest in humanity.

friends: He doesn't seem to really befriend people quickly. It really takes a lot to get to know him most of the times.

enemies: He probably has a few enemies due to how he appears on the outside and from assumptions made about him.

lovers: He seems to be more into stuff that isn't too serious. It'll take him a while to think more about an actual relationship.
stepping into the walk of life
Andy Polinsky
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Post by Harold Schmidt on Thu May 05, 2016 6:47 pm

congratulations: your shipper app has been accepted. you may start plotting and roleplaying! don't forget to fill out the claims!
Harold Schmidt
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