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Post by Admin on Fri May 06, 2016 9:54 pm

Dear Students,

We would like to welcome you to Evergreen Arts Academy if you're new. If not, good to see you back! The staff here at Evergreen strives to promote a safe, accepting environment to help our students do their best and flourish in all of their subjects. Of course, ther are some ground rules set in place to ensure Evergreen is a welcoming environment for everyone here.rules 1. Students should strive to have at least a D average in all of their subjects. It is important to do the best you can and request for help from your professors. For those from America, the UK D is equivalent to a C.
2. Cheating isn't tolerated. It is better to do your best and get answers wrong than copy off someone.
3. Bring all required materials to class. Preparation is important.
4. It is recommended that teachers hand out homework at least once a week. It is your duty to complete them and turn them in by its due date.
5. During exams, cellphones are to be off and turned into the teacher. Your phone will be given back at the end of the specified time of the class or once you finish it if making it up.
6. It is recommended to arrive to class 5-10 minutes early. Once the bell rings, you're automatically counted as tardy.
7. Phones must be turned off and put away during class.
8. Chewing hum is prohibited during school hours. Outside of school hours, you're responsible for properly disposing of it. If anyone is caught sticking gum under tables, bleachers, etc., they MUST clean it up.
9. Jewelry isn't allowed with the exception of wristwatches and earrings that are studs and not flashy. You're not allowed to have more than two in each ear.
9. uniforms must be worn at all times except in Dance. For Physical Education, uniforms are provided and has its own set of dress code. If not wanting the uniform, they must be comfortable. No jeans or denim are allowed to be worn. All jewelry except for studs in the ears must be taken off. Those with braces need to have a mouth-guard.
10. Public display of affection during the school day is limited to hand holding.
11. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas outside. Drugs and alcohol is prohibited.
12. Students are not allowed to leave school grounds during the day except without permission from faculty, medical reasons, or for a class-sponsored field trip approved by the administration.
13. All written assignments have to be done in blue or black ink with the exception of typed assignments and in math class where pencil must be used. It is important to have write-out whenever you're writing in pen. Some classes may require cursive, so it is important to look over their guidelines often.
14. It is important to listen to and respect your professors. Not following their rules is considered insubordination.
15. Parties are not to be held during the school day.
16. Use of obscene language, gestures, and conduct is prohibited.
17. Theft and vandalism isn't tolerated.
18. Fighting is prohibited as Evergreen should be a safe environment for everyone.
19. Dorms are to kept tidy at all times with the bed made and belongings stored away.
20. Males with long hair must keep it neatly tied back during school hours. Also, those with facial hair must keep it neatly groomed at all times.
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