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Post by Harold Schmidt on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:02 pm

harold schmidt
basic info
full name: harold edgar schmidt

date of birth: 5/9/48

age: 68

hometown: birmingham, england

current town: telford, shropshire, england

clique: adults

why are they at evergreen? Not a student; to teach language arts

face claim: bernie sanders
biographyborn after world war two, harold was always taught that it was important to work hard to get the life you want. as many years of his life took place during the cold war, he often doubted that he could even live his life and follow his dreams as the world could be destroyed at any moment. as his mother was in the workforce during the war, she often encouraged harold to not let anyone get in the way of doing that's right even if it doesn't benefit him in the end. After secondary school, he decided to become a teacher to help teach and inspire the generations following him. At first, he had to work in retail as it was difficult to find teaching positions for the subject he majored in. He was eventually offered a position at Evergreen after a teacher retired which he immediately accepted due to it being such a prestigious school. As he nears his retirement, Harold hopes that he has touched many lives in his career and can't wait to help others even after his retirement.
shipperfriends: he's pretty friendly person and is tolerant of others, so i think he'd be able to befriend people pretty easily.

enemies: he likes to get along with others, so he probably doesn't have many enemies.

lovers: skipping this because i don't know how he is in regards to that and the fact he's probably married or something
Harold Schmidt
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butterfly fly away Empty Re: butterfly fly away

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:24 pm

congratulations: your shipper app has been accepted. you may start plotting and roleplaying! don't forget to fill out the claims!
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