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Post by Admin on Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:58 am

The following are the rules of Evergreen Arts Academy. It is very important to read them so everything goes smoothly here.

1. Register your character's name in standard case: John Doe.

2. We have a shipper application, so do not go overboard on the character's history, personality, etc. Allow those to develop through plotting and in threads! Length doesn't matter and be creative! Any tense is allowed in the biography section as long as it allows you to express the character the way you want to.

3. The avatars for the miniprofile are 210x370. Don't worry if you're unable to get images to be that size. You can request an avatar to be made over in the service center.

4. There is no word count. If the person your threading with can't seem to get anything out of your reply, just simply work something out with them.

5. There is no character limit. Make sure to keep them as active as you're able to.

6. The use of templates when threading are optional. If you want to use them, you can use ones from resource sites or ones provided on the forum.

7. As Evergreen is an international school, diversity is highly encouraged,

8. Respect is very important. Any disrespect will be taken seriously. We want this to be a welcoming environment to everyone.

9. When it comes to mature themes, cuss all you want, fade to black and/or timeskip sexual scenes (innuendos and stuff along those lines are fine), and violence shouldn't be graphic.

10. Godmodding is only allowed if the person you're threading with gives you permission to.

11. Any plots carried out are at the discretion of those involved; we don't want creativity to be limited. If you plan on doing something major such as a death where it'd affect many, let one or both of the admins know.

12. Have fun! Roleplaying is supposed to be fun and not a chore.

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