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Post by Admin on Wed Mar 30, 2016 10:40 am

The following are the membergroups and what each one entails. It'll help make it easier to decide what clique is right for your character.elitesThis is where you can find some of the most popular people in the school. They're like a hive mind always liking the same thing and conforming to whatever the media throws at them. Most of the time, they have a huge superiority complex finding everyone else who aren't jocks to be lesser than them. This clique overlaps with the jocks some due to some of the popular students participating in sports such as volleyball and track. This clique mainly has the richest students in the school and students favored by the administration due to their wealth.jocksAlthough the jocks stereotypically only ever feature popular boys who are on the football team, this clique is more broad in terms of the type of people that are in it. this clique rules the school alongside the elites. They are often adored even when the team lineup is absolutely horrible. Majority of those in this clique only ever do the bare minimum academically just so they could still participate in sports.wannabesThey tend to be categorized as posers and tryhards. They would do anything just to become popular to the point of thinking that they are popular even though they actually aren't. When people refer to this clique, they often sing out the term "wannabe" ala the Spice Girls song while cackling under their breath. They tend to be one of the most hated, so people act nice to them but proceed to talk shit behind their back.bookwormsAlthough people tend to call them nerds and geeks, the bookworms are respected around the school due to their intelligence alongside the fact that they're always the go-to for help on a hard assignment or needing ideas for a project like social studies and science fair. Despite being ridiculed by some, they use their ambitious nature to use the rude remarks as fuel to strive for even higher grades.sweetheartsSweethearts tend to be the kindest people in the school; they never get in trouble and tend to hold an optimist view about life. Some refer to them as the teacher's pet due to their willingness to help make school a more positive place for everyone.hipstersThe hipsters are mainly known for not being "mainstream". Many tend to fall in this clique due to stereotypes even though they'd also have characteristics of some of the other cliques. Despite being low in the hierarchy, they still get treated decently by their peers and are invited to some of the biggest parties.troublemakersOut of all of the cliques, they cause the most chaos. You will often hear them being called for disciplinary measures. Most tend to only ever get detention after school often, but there are some who make a career out of getting suspended on purpose in hopes of getting expelled so they'd never have to attend school anymore.gothsAlthough people commonly associate goths with depression and the idea of always wearing black, it isn't always the case. They're a diverse group who tend to hold an appreciation for the arts while finding concepts people would find morbid as beautiful. Although people tend to accuse them of being devil worshipers, goths come from all sorts of religions with some not being religious at all. Contrary to popular belief, they also wear colors other than black.outcastsPeople think of them of the undesirables due to others feeling as though they don't fit in. They tend to be the ones who would sit alone at a lunch table. Despite their efforts in trying to be liked, they just find themselves being treated like a speck of dust like their classmates. Teachers tend to acknowledge them from time to time in comparison to the rest of the student body. There are some who choose to be outcasts by choice due to not wanting to have to deal with people and enjoy being lonely.adultsThese are anyone such as citizens, teachers, and parents. They could have all sorts of occupations and majority have completed their schooling with some settling down while there are others doing their own thing to get by after graduation.
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