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Post by Humphrey Williams on Mon May 02, 2016 9:35 am

basic info
full name: Humphrey Stephen Williams
date of birth: 12/13/1999

age: 16

hometown: Bath, England

current town: Bath, England

clique: Sweethearts

why are they at evergreen? For music, creative writing, and video production.

face claim: Charlie McDonnell
biography Humphrey was born with a very quirky personality, and as he has grown up has developed into the geeky guy that he currently is. Funny, with a talent for music and making funny short videos as well as writing stories. At heart he is very much a romantic, and is an optimistic person by nature. Sometimes wears contacts, but is usually found with glasses instead. Personally, he's convinced that contacts are made to simply to irritate the eyes.
shipperfriends: Hasn't made many friends yet, as he kind of tries to focus on his work. However, he is kind by nature and willing to befriend somebody if they aren't in the habit of bullying.

enemies: Doesn't really have enemies per-say, as he is a lover not a fighter. Humphrey does not get along with bullies or people with poor manners, though. So, if you are in the habit of being rude or insulting he will most likely not want anything to do with you.

lovers: Although he is a romantic, poor Humphrey has simply been too shy to enter the world of dating yet. That hasn't stopped him from developing some crushes, but nothing really of note as of yet.  Final ship: [Olivia Jones]
Humphrey Williams
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Humphrey Williams Empty Re: Humphrey Williams

Post by Lucian Rasputin on Mon May 02, 2016 10:40 am

congratulations: your shipper app has been accepted. you may start plotting and roleplaying! don't forget to fill out the claims!
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