Nerdy Fun Anyone? (open)

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Nerdy Fun Anyone? (open) Empty Nerdy Fun Anyone? (open)

Post by Humphrey Williams on Thu May 05, 2016 9:23 am

Humphrey found himself itching to go out and do something fun. For some reason, the first idea that came to mind was finding a place to play some retro arcade games. One of those places that you collected tickets at, with the huge prizes you'd never dream of ever actually getting. Well, that is until you find yourself sucked into the world of games for hours and lose all track of time. Although, perhaps that only happened to the incredibly geeky like him, to be fair. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he went and tracked down an epic arcade in his area via the internet. Once he'd found it he left a note for his parents telling him where he had gone, and took off on foot to find it.

It wasn't too long of a walk before he found the place exactly where the map had told Humphrey it should be. It was kind of difficult for him to imagine how much of a challenge it would have been to find otherwise, he would have probably had to go through a directory and then look at a local map or something crazy like that. As he walked inside, he found himself grinning widely as the dark interior filled with flashing lights and games being played assaulted his eyes. Now this was a place where he felt really at home. Going up to the front desk, he asked if this place used special coins, and was told that it did. After purchasing a hefty mound of them, he went out to enjoy some good old-fashioned nerdy fun. Locating his first victim, a classic pac-man, he slipped one and started his first arcade game of what was looking to be a very fun day ahead of him.
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